Friday, January 30, 2009

Zoe's Birthday...

We went to Zoe Byrd's 2nd birthday party last
Saturday. Kady had so much fun at the party
with all the kids. There were a bunch of kids so Kady was in heaven playing with all of them.Jessica planned a Minnie Mouse party and she did some really creative things for the party. One of the cute things she did was made ice cream cups that looked like a
mouse face. I guess being a Kindergarden teacher makes you more patient to do things like that. I would have made one and got frustrated and ate all the mini-cookies instead.

The Minnie cake was made by JJ's Cakes which is a local business and she makes really cute cakes. You can check out her MYSPACE page to see more pictures of her designs. She is also the sister of Casey Cahan who owns Scrappies. I guess their whole family is creative.

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