Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's Eve Party 2009

The new year's eve party was fun as usual and everyone had a good time. Jamie hooked up all the lights and he has finally perfected his light canopy and it's so pretty when it's all lit up. We had so much food like we normally do and all the other dishes that people brought were delicious. Ashley brought homemade Brownies which did not help my resolution to lose weight. Like I told another friend of mine, we still have 364 days to get on track so no big deal.

The weather was nice. Chilly enough to wear a coat especially since we were outside but better than being hot. We had a good turnout, ended up with 55 people there. Mom made a point that when we had our first party years ago none of us had kids yet. Now at the party's there are a ton of kids and we have see them go from babies to little kids running around being loud. It was great though they all were wore out by the time they left so I'm sure they all slept good that night.
At about 8:30pm we shot off firework mortars like we do every year. Around 9:00pm we had another visitor to the party, a Putnam County Sheriff Officer. Someone in either my neighborhood or the street behind us called the cops for us disturbing the peace. Now granted I don't want to hear other peoples noise but it was new year's eve, we did it as a reasonable time of night and it maybe lasted 10 minutes. Oh well, maybe I won't have such a tolerance throughout the year for other peoples noise this year. The officer was mainly just making sure that we were not shooting off any more and was very nice about it. That was our excitement for the night.

Most people leave between 10pm-11pm to get home before the roads are questionable. This year Jamie's brothers and their families hung out and we played Rock Band till after 1am. Me and Amy stuck Kady and Luke in the bathtub around midnight so we rang in the new year bathing the kids and playing with bath toys. All in all it was another good night with no injuries and a good time spent with family and friends.
A quick story before I go...we always have oysters at the party. Kady asked me what they were and I told her and she said, "No mama those are rocks." Kids have such a funny way of explaining things.

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