Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New President...

Tonight is the inauguration for the president elect Barack Obama. I still have mixed feelings about him being the leader of the United States. I have not really talked or thought much about the election since November. When it was over everyone was so tired of hearing Obama/McCain talk that it was nice to stop discussing it. Now with all the festivities surrounding the event tonight it has got me thinking about things again.

I have accepted the fact 8,000,000 more people people voted for Obama than McCain. I feel that neither candidate or vice president candidates were excellent choices but I had chosen to vote for McCain because what he stood for best matched what I believed in.


Ok, I have to admit I have sat here and typed and deleted so much things trying to explain my views on this matter. I know that my BLOG should be where I can speak my mind and express my opinions. However, I don't want to hurt feelings and no amount of me wanting the election to go another way will make it happen. At this point we can all just sit back and see what "change" will really happen.


I'll most likely not watch the big show on TV tonight, there will be enough coverage tomorrow on the Internet and newspapers. The Bible says we should pray for those who are leaders and rulers of our country and i'll do just that for the next four years.

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