Friday, January 2, 2009


I hope that everyone had a great Christmas holiday. Things were fun at our house. Since Jamie started day shift on Christmas we opened presents on Christmas Eve morning. Kady came in our room that morning and said, "Now can I open presents??". She did really good opening her presents this year. Everything she opened she acted so excited and would ask us, "Moma, where did you get this?". Some of her favorite presents were: trampoline, Handy Manny tool box, dollhouses (she got 2), and a new pink chair for her room.
We had all the presents opened by 10AM at our house and while Kady was playing I slowly started taking down the ornaments on the tree. Since we bought a new tree for next year after all the ornaments were off I was able to take the tree to the road to go out with the trash. I know it's crazy but it was so nice to have the tree down, I can't handle the clutter after all the presents are open.

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