Friday, August 28, 2009

Dance Class...

Kady had her first dance class and she absolutely loved it! She came home and showed us all of her flips, back bends and dances. As soon as we got her tights off she was asking when she was going back again. Hopefully she stay excited about it and do well.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Toys Kady will never get....

I read this article on Perez Hilton the other day and just had to share. I'm adding this to the list of toys that Kady will never get. (Article copied from Perez

Hey kids! Are you looking for a toy that is sure to give you false impressions of motherhood and ultimately persuade you into having children at a very young age?
Then you'll want your parents to pick up Bebe Gloton, the world's first breast-feeding doll. That's right! It's a doll that cries to suck on the young nips of children who are still unaware what their nips are for. Well, now they'll know!
A Spanish toymaker invented this ingenious plaything, which cries when it is "hungry" and is only satisfied when it gets a drink from the special halter top "nursing bra" that kids can strap on to simulate breast-feeding. It even makes sucking noises!!! Doesn't this sound fun?
What happened to serving our dolls tea or having Barbie run stark naked through the house because the clothes were too hard to get back on once taken off? Guess, we're way beyond that these days! Some critics say that this is positive plaything, promoting the "norm" in child feeding, rather than artificial means of the bottle. Some, more sane people, recognize that this might "speed up maternal urges" and equate the doll to introducing "sex ed in first grade." We couldn't agree more with the latter! How do U feel about the breast-feeding baby doll?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Jamie and I were looking for something to do the other day and decided to take Kady bowling. We went to the lanes in St. Augustine and it was great because there were only two other active lanes at the time. We practically had the place to ourselves.

They had balls that were regulation size but only about 1 - 2 pounds. Jamie showed her how to roll the ball and she got the hang of it quick. Every time the ball came back out of the ball chute it would scare her. Each time she rolled the ball she would put her hands on her hips, jump up and down and turn in circles. After the first game, which she bowled a 70, she was begging to play again. She bowled one more game and in that game actually got a spare and bowled a 68.

Now I'm excited for the bowling alley to open up in town because I know that will be something that she will enjoy doing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dora Live!

Last week we took Kady to see DORA LIVE at the Times Union Center in Jacksonville. She was so excited. Mom and Nana went with us because Jamie was working and because tickets were buy one get one free. By the way, Gacky was relieved that he got out of going. We wanted to go somewhere different for dinner so we decided on Olive Garden because I had not been there in years. To my surprise it was actually really good. The food was much more flavorful that I remember and I was happy that we chose to go there.
The show was cute and we had really good seats. I think the next time we go there I'll try to get seats in that same area. They are doing "Mama Mia" in March so I'm thinking that will be a good birthday present for Mom.