Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mom in the Magic Kingdom...

On New Year's Day we were at the house and decided since we didn't have much to do for the next couple of days that we would run down to Disney. Later that night I called Mom and convinced her to go. I say convinced because she is neither a planner nor a spur of the moment kind of person. You just have to either force her to do it or spring a plan on her once she gets in the car. She met us at 7am that next morning and we had breakfast and hit the road. We made it down to the Magic Kingdom and the fun began. I started the trip by forgetting to grab our tickets out of the car and we had to get back on a tram to get back to parking to get the tickets. Not really a major thing but frustrating to me because I strive to be organized.

The park was so crowded. I was thinking that being a Friday it would not be terribly busy but I guess because it was still a holiday weekend it was crazy. Lines for rides were 70-80 minutes! We skipped those rides. We really utilized the "fast-pass" option and that worked great. We rode a lot of rides and seen many shows. At around 8pm we headed for the front door to buy our pictures and go home. Almost to our destination the light parade began and we were on the wrong side of the street so we were stuck in the parade crowd. When it was over we were still trying to make it to Main Street and were in the congestion of the people standing and waiting to watch the fireworks. We finally made it out of the park and in the car at 10PM and home a little after midnight.

Kady loved her Nene being there with her and Mom loved seeing the Magic Kingdom through her eyes. Maybe sometime later we can trick her into going to another park with us.

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The Clifton 6 said...

Yep,I have to have a plan and be organized, I can't just go on spur of the moment, either! Now Bo, on the other hand...I don't even want to discuss how we went about going to Disney. He is spur of the moment lets jump in the car now and go man!THAT was our trip. I went out of my mind...with all of the girls! It looks like Nana Brenda had a blast!