Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm a Gator Hater!

Congratulations to the Florida Gators. Winning the National Championship is a huge deal and major props if you can pull it off. I confess that I am not a fan of college football. Something about it makes me just not like it I never really have. The only thing I do like about it is the fact that there is a band. On the other hand I love professional football. Maybe it's the all the fanfare surrounding the pros or the commercialism of the games but I love it. Other people say they like college ball because the guys are playing harder and trying to prove something. Still, I don't care.

The only things I know about college football is that I don't like the Florida Gators. It's really a recent "hate" that I have for them since Tim Tebow has been the major topic of every sports conversation on any sports channel. Why is everyone in love with Tebow? Sure he is a good, dare I say GREAT football player but why does he get so much more coverage than everyone else? There are other players, quarterbacks even who have equally good or better stats but everyone raves about Tebow. Just hearing his names every 4 seconds on TV and seeing him on the front page of the sports section makes me cringe. Honestly, Mr. Tebow with his face stickers, goofy grin and stupid comments after the games makes me roll my eyes. If I see one more picture of Tebow with a superman cape I will not be held responsible for my actions. Did you hear that someone recently named their child "TEBOW"....really??? Was every other name taken. I was hoping to see him tear up again like he did after the loss against Ole' Miss. Then everyone would be like poor Tebow he was to busy building orphanages and feeding the homeless to get ready for the game. Boo fricken Hoo.
Once the hoopla surrounding -he who shall not be named - is over and he is not connected to the Gators anymore I'll stop being a Gator Hater. I want to like the Gators, I mean I should at least show a little support to the team since their school is so close to us and my best friend became a Doctor there. I promise I won't secretly hope their quarterback breaks his leg or fumble the ball anymore and I'll stop yelling "INTERCEPT THE BALL" to the opposing team through my TV.
I'm sorry to all the gator fans that read my blog and I know that's a lot of you, I mean ALL of you. No hard feelings the season is over.

(Confession: I play in a football pool at work and I was rooting for the Gators for 1/2 a second so I could win $125 and they came thru for me. Thank you Gators I now have a little less hate for you.)

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