Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kate + 8 - Jon

I'm sure that most of you tuned in Monday night to see the train wreck that is Jon & Kate plus 8. I have loved watching these shows since they first came out when the kids were just babies. Even back then we all witnessed Kate belittling Jon and him taking it. I'm sure your opinions matched mine in wondering why he lets her be so bossy all the time.

I'm positive that in raising 8 kids there has to be a lot of organization. Kate was great at this almost to a fault. She allowed no room for wiggle and very seldom let anything interrupt their plans. Jon on the other hand was much more laid back and sometimes just wanted to allow their kids to "go with the flow" which by Kate's standards was not allowed. I always use to think why does he put up with her attitude and that she should be grateful he is so helpful. I could sometimes agree with her when you think about cleaning up 8 messes but on the other hand you have to let kids have kid experiences. You can never get those days back when they are little and are experiencing things for the first time.

Now that the kids have gotten older and more independent I have seen Kate relax a lot. Well as much as I think she can relax. She does not seem to have to have things her way quite as much and she is more apt to let them discover things for themselves. However, Jon seems to have grown quite restless and seems that nothing can make him happy.

It appears that now that Jon and Kate could sit back and enjoy the kids without all the stress he has chosen to find other things to occupy his time. This could be the best and most fun time in their life right now but it's taken a drastic turn in the wrong direction.

I hate to see that they have made the decision to get a divorce. I think just because they get a divorce it's not going to help their communication problems. To be honest I don't think Jon cheated on Kate or Kate on Jon. I think that Kate is doing her job and that Jon is hanging out with friends that happen to be girls. Maybe I'm naive.

I always thought that if they separated that it would be because Jon just had enough and I don't think anyone would have been surprised. I was always on Jon's side. Now I'm feeling like Jon is the one that is ultimately causing the breakdown based on what we are seeing as TV viewers. Of course we probably don't know the truth and there are two sides to every story.

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