Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Lately Kady has been saying some pretty clever or funny things that I wanted to share.

* Kady asked me if her Daddy was home and I told her he was at work. She asked me why he had to work and I told her that he had to make money. After a minute she said, "Daddy does not make money he makes toilet paper.

* Going over the bridge the other day Kady pointed over to the smoke stacks at Seminole electric. She told mom to look at the machine making all the clouds.

* One of her fish died the other day and we called Nana to tell her the news. Kady got on the phone and told Nana that her fish ran out of breath.

* We went to my nephews preschool graduation and we kept telling Kady that she would get to do that in a few years. A few weeks later while talking to Kady about Vacation Bible school we mentioned to her that she would get to be on stage and preform her song with her class. Kady then told me that she was excited to wear a square hat and nightgown. It took me a second to put together that she was thinking about the cap and gown that Eli was wearing at his graduation. What a memory!

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