Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Play Date...

On Saturday me and mom took Kady to the Ravine Gardens so she could run around. The flowers are all in bloom and it was a really pretty day. I also wanted to play around with my new camera and I knew there would be plenty to take pictures of while we were there. I'm still learning all the features of the camera but i'm excited to see what kind of pictures i'll be able to capture.

There were a ton of people at the Ravines that were there for the "Air Potato Rodeo". They were hoofing it around with 5lb bags over their shoulders and leaning down picking up the potato's. While we rode around with the windows up and the air conditioning on we commented on how nice it was they were volunteering to do that.

When we were leaving there was a couple walking up the big hill right at the end. I was thinking poor girl because she had on a button up dress shirt and jeans. As we got closer I noticed that she had on 3 inch heels and she was talking on a cell phone. I can barley make it up that heel with sneakers and workout clothes on. She is my new hero.

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