Monday, March 23, 2009

Dora Update...

After much speculation and quite a few upset parents, Nickelodeon and Mattel have finally revealed the new and improved Dora the Explorer. While the sillohouette of the character that was recently released made it appear as if the new Dora would be more like the infamous Bratz doll than the cute little toddler we've known for years, the final reveal shows that her makeover isn't quite as bad as some had expected.
The new Dora sports longer hair, a cute little dress with leggings, pierced ears, and ballet flats. This is quite the change from the girl's former attire of shorts, a tshirt and athletic shoes. The new Dora has also shed a little baby fat and grown a few inches in height. Mattel claims that while the new Dora looks older, she doesn't wear any make-up. This however, doesn't look to be the case with Dora's carefully lined eyes and pink-tinted lips. Nevertheless, it could have been much worse. At least she's not sporting sky-high heels and a short mini-shirt. The new Dora does appear to be a natural progression of a young girl.

(This article copied from the Cleveland Insider)

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