Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cruise...Part 1

While in Grand Caymen Island we took a tour of the island. It was a nice bus ride and took us to several different tourist attractions. We stopped at their local beach named Sea Grape beach. It was really pretty and the sand was very soft. Then we went to the shop where they make the Tortuga Rum cakes. They had a really pretty patio out back that looked over the ocean. The picture posted is where it was taken. We thought it was neat that up in the trees we seen wild iguanas and they were huge! I loved seeing them in the trees but was hoping they didn't decide to climb down.
Our next stop was Hell. Hell, Grand Caymen. When we arrived at the intersection to get to Hell, the other side of the road was lined with churches. I thought that was really funny. We arrived at the Devil's Hangout Gift Shop and Post Office. I could not resist sending postcards to the family from Hell. In Hell there was also a pit of natural limestone rock formations.

Finally we went to the Boatswain Turtle Farm. This was a place were they raised sea turtles. There were sea turtles of all sizes and Kady loved this place.

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