Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cruise...Part 3

On this cruise we had two "fun days at sea". We don't really mind the days at sea because it gives you an opportunity to explore the boat and relax. Our particular boat had a special water area for kids called Waterworks. This was a splash area that was about ankle deep with several spouts and spickets that squired and dumped water. There were also smaller slides just for little kids. It was great for Kady because she could splash around without us worrying about her in a pool. We were at the water park most of the days at sea with her.

During our cruise it was the first week of college spring break so there were a lot more young people on the boat than the normal older crowd. All of the college kids at the table across from us commented every night on Kady's dresses and bows. Kady ate up the attention and smiled and waved at all the boys. One boy even asked if he could take a picture with her. Guess she gets that from her mama. ha ha. Overall we had a great cruise and we are looking forward to the next one.

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