Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Day..Part 2

Jamie's schedule changed so he ended up being off on Valentine's Day. Since we had went out the week before we still didn't plan to do much. We all slept in that day so we woke up around 9am and decided to go to breakfast. We went to City Cafe which is our favorite breakfast spot and they were so busy! At that time we didn't have much other choice because it was almost 10am at this point.

We waited around 10 minutes to get our table and then another 5 minutes before our waitress even came to our table! It was chaos in there, they could not keep up with the amount of people coming in to eat. Mom and Benny showed up for breakfast around 10:45 and we were still waiting to get our food. They ended up sitting with us and placing their order. Every time a waitress walked by our table Kady would say, "I want my pancake!" About 10 minutes after they showed up we got our food. When we finished and paid Mom and Benny were still waiting. I hate to have a bad experience at a place that you normally have no complaints with.

Kady kept telling Mom that she wanted to go to her house and watch a movie. I told Kady we would figure something out later. Mom called me when they were headed home to see if they could take Kady with them for a few hours. She was excited so I got her ready and they picked her up. She was so happy pulling out of the driveway with them.

Me and Jamie were looking at each other like what do we do without her? Normally if we have a babysitter it's because we have planned to go and do something but we were lost. I looked for a movie at the theater but there was nothing out that we wanted to see. I think we both napped in our chair for a little while and then caught up on our DVR'd shows. After 3 hours I called Mom to make sure she remember where we lived. She laughed and told us that she would bring her home in a little while. Once we got her home it was back to normal and we felt whole again.

We cooked beans, rice & cornbread for dinner and watched movies. It was really a simple but great day.

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