Monday, February 23, 2009

Remembering Papa...

My best friends Papa, Dick Wilson died on Saturday, February 21st. Since I have known Amy for around 20+ years her grandparents are like family to me as well. My memories of Papa will always be of his constant smile and easy going nature. He and Granny always opened their house to screaming and laughing girls for Amy's slumber parties and never complained. He made sure the pool was ready for the parties and kept us entertained.

The memory that Papa always talked about had to do with their old house on River Street that was right before the train tracks. One day me and Amy were on the front porch with a radio dancing for the cars that were parked waiting for the train to pass. Papa just watched from the house and since then always called us his "Dancing Girls".

I'll miss seeing Papa at the Treadwell family gatherings and I'll cherish the memories that I have of him and knowing that a few times I made him smile his sweet smile.

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