Friday, February 6, 2009

Ollie Koala's...

We went to a place in Mandarin called Ollie Koala's. It's the same concept as Chuck E. Cheese just different characters. It had a much better layout and was arranged perfectly. It's much less crowded and more updated and clean than the other CEC's in the area. Not only do they have fun games but there is also a huge indoor jungle gym much like what you find at Tunnelz 'n' Tumblez. Kady spent most of the three hours that we were there in the playground.

The $40 game card we purchased was spent by Jamie challenging pre-teen boys to racing games and winning. I was in charging of playing games to win tickets so Kady could leave with a prize. We met Amy, John, Eli & Luke there because it was Eli's 5th birthday. Kady loved running around with all the kids and had a great time. She was completely wore out by the time we left and fell asleep on the way home. If you have kids and frequent CEC you should check out Ollie Koala's, you won't be disappointed.

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