Monday, December 15, 2008


I have a friend named Ellie and one day she kept posting updates on her MySpace just raving about the book she was reading. After talking with her I found out it was the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. She told me that she seen the movie with her friend and then went straight out and bought the books. She offered to let me borrow the books and I was excited to see if they really were that interesting.

She brought me the first book the Monday before Thanksgiving, by Wednesday I was finished and I told her that I needed the next one for the long weekend. She brought the next two and they were just as addicting. Keep in mind these books are 600+ pages each! I'm now on the final book and I'm trying my best to make it last as long as I can. I carefully read each page and take in as much detail as I can just to savor the final words of this story. It will be sad when this final book is complete after over 2500 pages of pure reading bliss. It's very seldom that you find a book that you can't put down and this series was defiantly one of those finds.

There are four books in this series and so far the first book has been turned into a movie. After I had read the first book me and my sister-in-law went to see the movie. (By the way, she is now reading the books and enjoying the story as well.) The movie is not nearly as good as the book because the movie leaves out alot of detail that the book elaborates on. It's still defiantly worth seeing because the story line is just great.

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