Friday, December 12, 2008

The end of an era...

For the past 4 months we have had a visitor in our house. My cousin Michael has been living with us during his "transition" time. During this time I have learned more about Michael than I ever cared to know.

Kady has gotten so close to Michael, or "Pickle" as she calls him and I know that she is really going to miss him. To tell the truth I believe that Michael is going to miss her as well. He has been part of her nighttime routine of giving him a kiss and telling him goodnight. He has babysat for us and helped us out with her alot during his time at the house.

Michael I know you are reading this so to you i'll say: I hope that you learned a few things from Jamie and I. We hope that our support helped you to become a better person. Also, that our advise will stick with you in decisons you make in with your future. Be safe and be careful. I'm happy that you have a new place and are on the right track. However, we have already shopped for new furniture for the spare room and it is not open for visitors, At least not for a while. Love you Michael!

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