Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here comes Snow Claus...

Saturday night Mom and I went downtown to see the luminaries and boat parade. While we were there I noticed that they had a Santa that the kids could visit with. Now before I pointed out to Kady that their was a Santa I thought about the last 3 years of Santa visits.

Her first year was easy. She was only 2 months old and I took her to the Palatka Daily News office to see Santa. She was asleep the entire time, she never woke thru the whole process. The next year she seen Santa at the Georgia Pacific Christmas party. I handed her off to Santa and she immediately started screaming. The picture was Santa holding about 3 feet away from him with her screaming. Last year at the GP Party I was never able to hand her to Santa so the picture was mostly of me and Santa with Kady clawing herself across my body away from the man in red. (These pictures are in order of the last 3 years)

I did not know what to expect this year so as we stood in line I thought of all the possibilities. I asked Kady, "Are you gonna sit in Santa's lap and tell him what you want for Christmas?" Kady said, "Mama, I'm not afraid of him, he is nice." I thought OK we'll see what happens. When it was her turn I walked her up there and she said she would stand beside him. She would not make eye contact with Santa but when he asked her what she wanted she told him a trampoline. She held his hand, he gave her a candy cane and she let me take a picture. This was a HUGE milestone in holiday traditions.

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