Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well it's that time of year again to make and hopefully keep a new years resolution. My goals for this year are pretty easy, well all except for one:
1. Be a good wife
2. Be a good mother
3. Lose Weight!!

In 2007 I got went on a diet for 6 months and lost around 40 pounds. During the holidays and then getting braces threw me off track and then I never got back in step. Now we are almost done with 2008 and I didn't diet all year!! I lost all of the momentum and ended up gaining back 15 pounds that I had lost.

I guess my short term goal is to loose a good bit of weight by my 30th birthday which is June 29th. That gives me 6 months to really work hard and diet.

This year I plan on getting back on a plan and really focusing on losing some weight his year. I'll probably do the weight watchers plan again. Just like last time I kept track of everything myself. I kept track of my points and weighed every Sunday. Maybe knowing that I've told all of you that I'm really gonna try this year you will keep me accountable to something. So if you see me eating something i'm not suppose to stop me!!! I'll have to update you every Sunday on my loss for the week. Wish me luck this time!!


The Clifton 6 said...

Good for you! You can do it! I did Weight Watchers the year I met Bo and lost 30 pounds. (believe me, I needed it!) 6 months is a heatlthy goal have. Good Luck, I am with you all the way!!

Ellie said...

Hey, I was going to blog about resolutions too!!
Good luck with the weight thing. I would love to be your 'buddy' and do it with you, but we just can't afford it.