Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trip out West - Part 1...

My trip out to California to visit Amy was great. The worst part for me was the 4 hour plane ride. The first day she took me around Irvine where she lives and then out to Newport & Laguna Beach. The beaches in California are much different than our beach and I have to say I like our beaches better. She took me to an area called Crystal Cove that overlooked the Pacific Ocean so now I can say I've seen both coasts. On our walk to the overlook we seen a ton of rabbits on the trails.

Also on our first day we hit every shopping center in the area. We did some power shopping and then had lunch/dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It took me two days to get the time difference straightened out and by the time I did it was time to come home. It still fascinated my Mom every time I called and would be outside or something and she would be thinking it was bedtime. Good thing she does not deal with time zones on a regular basis.
That night I was so tired because we got home around midnight and for me that was 3AM. I went right to sleep and the next day we got up and got packed for the drive to Vegas.

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