Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kady's 1st Trip to the Dentist...

I finally made Kady an appointment for her first Dentist visit. I should have done it when she first turned three but I was scared that it would be traumatizing to her (and to me).

For the past week Jamie and I have been talking up the Dentist and trying to soften the blow as much as possible. We were telling her what to expect and explaining all the different tools the Dentist would be using. Kady was really pumped up about the visit when it was time. We went into the office and she hopped up in the chair and starting pointing out things. Dr. Wilbur gave her a glove to play with which Jamie blew up and that kept her occupied the whole visit.

Dr. Wilbur looked at her teeth and was happy with all the spacing between them. She looked for cavities and I'm happy to report that Kady had no cavities. She then let Ms. Abby floss and polish her teeth. Me and Jamie were standing in the office grinning like hyenas because we were so proud that she was letting them do all this to her. She was a trooper the whole time and was even smiling and laughing at everything going on.

When it was over they took her picture to hang on the NO CAVITIES wall and gave her a toothbrush and let her pick out a toy. I just hope that she remembers how much fun she had and it equally as good for her next appointment in December.

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