Thursday, November 20, 2008

Skater Girl....

Kady got skates for her birthday. They have sat in the corner of her room for a few weeks just taunting her from the box. Everyday she would say, "Mommy can I skate today?" To which I would respond, "Maybe Later." On my day off last week she asked me while I was in the mood for a challenge and we suited her up to skate.

As you can imagine the getting ready to skate took longer than the actual skate time. By the time she got all the equipment on she was bored. I had to hold her hand the entire time because she was a little timid about letting go. This was fine with me because I didn't want to have to bandage her up after skate time was over. After a little while she was ready to quit so I took her inside and removed all of her skate gear. She was relieved to have all of the stuff off and when I asked her if she wanted to go skate again she said, "NO Mommy, it's scary."

This whole ordeal reminded me of the story of me and my first bicycle. I got a bicycle for my 6th birthday and the only proof that I even owned a bicycle is this one picture of me on it. There are several indications in this picture that I was not cut out for cycling. First is the fact that I chose to get on the bicycle when it's nighttime. Not the ideal time for riding. Next please notice the attire that I am wearing. What child wears a dress, frilly socks and church shoes. I'll tell you who....a child who knows that this will be the one photo of her on a bicycle. I was always afraid of it. When I was forced to ride one at my friend Danielle's house I would get off of it to turn a corner. I thought I'd take the corner and fly off the other side. Like I said, I was not good at it. The moral of this story is that one day Kady will see the picture of her in skates and think the same thing.

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