Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Jamie and I were looking for something to do the other day and decided to take Kady bowling. We went to the lanes in St. Augustine and it was great because there were only two other active lanes at the time. We practically had the place to ourselves.

They had balls that were regulation size but only about 1 - 2 pounds. Jamie showed her how to roll the ball and she got the hang of it quick. Every time the ball came back out of the ball chute it would scare her. Each time she rolled the ball she would put her hands on her hips, jump up and down and turn in circles. After the first game, which she bowled a 70, she was begging to play again. She bowled one more game and in that game actually got a spare and bowled a 68.

Now I'm excited for the bowling alley to open up in town because I know that will be something that she will enjoy doing.

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